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    The Art Of

    Stronger Together

    Stronger Together

    This September, in observance of Suicide Awareness Month, we would like to take a moment to introduce our Together candle collection and its cause. We’ve been through a lot. There’s no secret that the last two years have been challenging and finding meaning in an uncertain world takes positive energy. Part of being that company that “brightens the world” is to empower positive change in our community. The Together candle line is that reminder to focus on positivity amid ongoing challenges.


    $2.00 of every Together candle purchase is donated to Ardent Solutions Inc., one of many organizations across the U.S. dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting community wellness. We are grateful for the services and educational opportunities they supply in and around our Northern Lights community.

    The Together candle vessel is decorated with bands of bright colors, a symbol to band together in support of each other’s mental health journey. Mental health should not be a sensitive topic. We’re stronger together!


    The fragrances are effervescent and cheerful. With names like Safe, Heal, Ally and Care, they are intended to communicate to all givers and receivers that they matter. By lighting this candle with intent, you are creating a hope-filled space. 


    Whether it be daily stressors, diagnosed mental health concern or suicidal risk factors, we are all in this together to bring about a world where each individual can thrive. Inside the candle’s packaging you will find helpful resources, tips, and facts. Once removed from the candle, please save, or share with a friend. Awareness is the first step to prevention.

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    Good Morning, Waking Hour

    Good Morning, Waking Hour

    Spring! The season of renewal is here and in perfect time to celebrate the launch of our new candle line: Waking Hour.   
    At our workshop in Western New York, we look forward to the melting snow that uncovers the green landscapes hidden by winter.  We patiently wait for brilliant blooms to burst as spring takes hold.  Waking Hour was born from our collective readiness for spring.  We take this time to reset our focus on new and brighter days ahead.

    Every component of this candle line was thoughtfully curated and inspired by the natural world.

    When you were a child, did you search the skies for rainbows after a spring shower? Rainbows remind us of an innocent time when magic filled our imaginations. Our intent behind the rainbow motif in the vessel design is to instill an eager joy and promote the positive future that a rainbow promises.  We want this vessel to be a reminder of this hope in our daily rituals.

    Waking Hour features 4 fragrances: Lava Stone, Clay Coast, Garden Cassis, Viola Blanda.  These spa-like fragrances are free of parabens and phthalates. When burning, their complex combinations inspire wellness and meditative self-care. 

    Drawing inspiration from the fragrances, our in-house team of artists created original illustrations, that feature on the packaging. 

    Exclusive to NL, our research team formulated a natural wax combination of soy, coconut, sunflower & hemp oils. The more we turn to nature for inspiration, the more unique opportunities we bring to market 

    We now eagerly share Waking Hour so you may enjoy your own  hour of renewal.  


    Celebrate Earth Day by Repurposing

    Celebrate Earth Day by Repurposing

    Northern Lights recognizes our duty to contribute to the efforts of protecting our earth. We strive to take steps towards ecology saving processes while sourcing elevated and quality ingredients. We begin our creative process with repurposing in mind. Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials with the environmental impact at the forefront of our development. The smallest actions of each person add up to create a larger impact. Together, we brighten the world.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    In celebration of Earth day, we've come up with a few fun ways to reuse your candle vessels. The ultimate way to repurpose your candle is to turn it into another candle!
    When you've removed all of your wax, follow these steps to make your own Sill.

    For our DIY Sill, we used fragrance oils Plum Orchid + Dahlia and Water, Natural Soy Wax Blend Bulk Wax and Small Jar Wicks. The two fragrances burn and blend to create one unique new fragrance! Make it your own by mixing different fragrance oils in the two tiers. We recommend these other great combinations:

    Chamomile + Avocado and Clover + Honey

    Vanilla Oud and Lavender

    View more candle making tips here.

    Shop all DIY Products here.


    All of our candles are designed with after-use in mind. We'd love to see the creative ideas that you come up with for repurposing your NL candles!

    Connect and share a photo with us:

    Use the hashtag #nlrepurpose

    A Message From Our New COO; Amy Bennett

    Northern Lights is excited to celebrate National Women's History Month with a special message from our Chief Operating Officer, Amy Bennett. Amy has been Head of Product Development at Northern Lights Candles for the past six years, having been responsible for product design and development, tradeshow design, sales presentations, manufacturing operations overseas, quality initiatives, and import purchasing.

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

    There is a moment from my upbringing that I now consider to be an important lesson during my personal journey to becoming a woman. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my mother’s car, watching her apply make-up in the overhead mirror.  The unzipping of her make-up bag released a poof with a floral, perfumy aroma.


    Like an Indian Spice Rack, a harmony formed from the small variety of bargain store products.  The engine was off, the wet hot Arkansas heat was penetrating, and beads of sweat were forming over fresh powder. I watched a woman at record speed, armor up. 

    When it comes to make-up, she invested little time or money. After all, this routine application happened in the car (sometimes while in motion.) It was quick, distracted, we always talked through it, and then she was off.  The message I received was show up to play, but keep in mind that there are more important things on which to focus your time, talent, and money.” 

    Sometime in late middle school, my mom took me to the mall to buy make-up. She never shopped for mall-quality make-up, so it was a treat to stop at Clinique and get powder. 

    Fast forward to summer 2020, when I found the free with purchase’ Clinique bag from that trip with my mother.  Over the years, I had been storing graphite and charcoal from art classes. The old perfume smell was now sharing a home with pencil shavings and old erasers.  Created from the combo was a rich, sophisticated, earthy base with light floralsIt was not at all a traditional fragrance combination but it struck me as being strong feminine.    

    The reason I share this personal story, is because fragrance is personal.  It embodies culture and fashion, time, and memory.  It encapsulates its environment and overtakes the air.  When wax is imbued with fragrance a whole new purpose emerges.   With the marriage of these ingredients, we immortalize moments of personal experience.   

    Bringing something so magical together from rather humble ingredients, like soy wax or cotton wicks, is remarkable considering the role candles and home fragrance can play in our daily routines.  I burn a candle at my desk every day.  I use room spray to freshen up linens and rid me of garage smells.  You can change a mood in an instant, create intimacy and companionship, you can reminisce about your 2020 beach vacay that got canceledfocus and re-center, pamper, and bring light to a friend in need.   

    Light and flame are also powerful elements.  Light can be reassuring, positive, clarifying. Flame is active, hypnotic, warm.  A good friend of mine (and mommy) started lighting a taper candle with every dinner when she was training her toddler to eat solid foods. She describes the experience as creating a moment for rebalancing her reality: she is a woman She is a teacher. She is a wife. She is not just a food shoveling, clothes washing, diaper checking machine.  With a candle, she created a singularly quiet space during dinner, and a moment of breath and joy.    

    I don’t write these words to simply speak about how meaningful candles and home fragrance can be in your life.  I also wanted to commemorate Women’s Month and acknowledge the power of role models and their influence.  I would also like to share some exciting news:  It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you from a new position in the company.  In October of 2020, I became the Chief Operating Officer of Northern Lights.   

    You might not know this, but you and I have been working together for many years.  You have seen my influence in the design of many of the products you purchase.  I have helped bring to life products like Windward, Spirits, Sill, and many more.    

    I make pottery (and collect it,) cook (sometimes its breakfast for dinner,) and read (sometimes trashy novels--I am not going to lie,) and wear make-up I raise a red-headed daughter with my artist husband in the small town of Wellsville, NY.  Candles and home fragrance are an integral part of my personal life, where I aspire to be a positive force. 

    Thank you for your support.  We greatly appreciate your business.   

    Together, We Brighten the World. 



    Farmhouse Feels

    Farmhouse Feels

    Alicia is a decorator, mother, and nurse who has a passion for modern farmhouse design.
    Her work is inspired by the beautiful contrast between old and new. When she purchased her home in
    Rochester, WA, she began documenting the decorating experience on her Instagram. 

    "I currently call my style Modern Farmhouse.
    I absolutely LOVE vintage finds and antiquing, and I have several antique pieces in my home.
    I live about 10 miles away from the town of Centralia, which has an excellent antique district in its historic
    downtown, and I shop there often. I enjoy new pieces as well, and prefer that chairs and sofas are little more modern/traditional. IKEA is my favorite store to find new pieces.

    Now, I believe the blending of old and new makes for a beautiful home and allows those vintage pieces to
    really shine. If you feel your home with only old, it can start to feel and look like a museum! And a home with only
    new pieces to me, can feel a little cold because it lacks that cozy factor that only vintage pieces can add.

    "I started my Instagram account, Fresh Farmhouse Feels, a little over a year ago as a creative outlet and to inspire and receive inspiration from others. I absolutely LOVE being a part of the IG home decor community. I have learned so much and of course, my style has evolved with the daily inspiration that I find on this platform. I would be lying if I said I never felt a little discouraged when scrolling through all the eye candy. I have to remind myself though, that my goal as a decorator is really to inspire others in whatever “home phase” they are in in their lives". 

    "Whether it be a simple apartment, a run down ranch home, or just that ordinary cookie cutter home in an ordinary neighborhood, you can choose to make your home beautiful."



    Follow her on Instagram @freshfarmhousefeels