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    The Art Of

    Farmhouse Feels

    Farmhouse Feels

    Alicia is a decorator, mother, and nurse who has a passion for modern farmhouse design.
    Her work is inspired by the beautiful contrast between old and new. When she purchased her home in
    Rochester, WA, she began documenting the decorating experience on her Instagram. 

    "I currently call my style Modern Farmhouse.
    I absolutely LOVE vintage finds and antiquing, and I have several antique pieces in my home.
    I live about 10 miles away from the town of Centralia, which has an excellent antique district in its historic
    downtown, and I shop there often. I enjoy new pieces as well, and prefer that chairs and sofas are little more modern/traditional. IKEA is my favorite store to find new pieces.

    Now, I believe the blending of old and new makes for a beautiful home and allows those vintage pieces to
    really shine. If you feel your home with only old, it can start to feel and look like a museum! And a home with only
    new pieces to me, can feel a little cold because it lacks that cozy factor that only vintage pieces can add.

    "I started my Instagram account, Fresh Farmhouse Feels, a little over a year ago as a creative outlet and to inspire and receive inspiration from others. I absolutely LOVE being a part of the IG home decor community. I have learned so much and of course, my style has evolved with the daily inspiration that I find on this platform. I would be lying if I said I never felt a little discouraged when scrolling through all the eye candy. I have to remind myself though, that my goal as a decorator is really to inspire others in whatever “home phase” they are in in their lives". 

    "Whether it be a simple apartment, a run down ranch home, or just that ordinary cookie cutter home in an ordinary neighborhood, you can choose to make your home beautiful."



    Follow her on Instagram @freshfarmhousefeels



    Careless Threads

    Careless Threads

    Rachel G. is a self-taught fiber artist, founder and owner of Careless Threads specializing in macrame and free-style weaving. She values the unique qualities related to handmade textiles and the community of creatives she has created through the growth of her business. 

    "My name is Rachel and I’m the owner and creator behind Careless Threads.
    What started out as a fiber art business, where I created ready-made wall hangings,
    has now expanded to include fiber materials. I cater to macrame artists and weavers.
    Natural fibers are not easy to find. It’s my mission to curate
    all-natural unique fiber goods for my fellow artists."

    "A beautiful piece starts with well-sourced materials."

    "After 4 years of creating my own work I’ve come to develop a love, and passion for textiles.
    I’ve also come to appreciate the creative community around me more than ever,
    so I love being able to provide creative apparel in the shop. Countless artists,
    and friends have inspired me to become a better creator and person. 
    I simply want to pass that love along through my business." 


    Shop Canyon Dune

    Read about Canyon Dune

    Interested in her Online Store?
    Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @careless_threads

      Made By Hand: Canyon Dune

      Made By Hand: Canyon Dune

      Here at Northern Lights, we love to make things by hand.
      Our deep handmade roots remain prominent in our exploration for new products and techniques.
      That's why it is particularly exciting to announce the launch of our Canyon Dune candles. The creation of this line references our company's handmade history, but is brought to life with modern touches.
      And we're about to let you in on the secret of how it's made...

      Humble Beginnings

      The creation of a Canyon Dune candle starts with a large box full of individual grains of sand (some might call this a sandbox). The vessel begins when sand is carved out by the wax artist to form the shape and filled with hot wax. Once cooled, the excess sand is brushed away to reveal the candle and sealed to protect the textured exterior. This handmade process guarantees that no two candles are exactly alike! Each vessel is filled with a white, specially formulated coconut-blend wax and features two 100% cotton braided wicks.


      What does Canyon Dune smell like?

      During the development of Canyon Dune, we were searching for a fragrance that would embody the many elements
      that contribute to the formation of canyons. Their majestic shapes, each formed by a unique
      path and process, mimics the creation of each Canyon Dune candle. So what does it smell like?
       Top notes of sparkling lemon, hints of melon, eucalyptus & ocean air. 
      Middle notes of lily of the valley, jasmine & geranium. Bottom notes of sandalwood, musk & oakmoss. 
      The best way to experience the fragrance and the NL exclusive, handmade vessel is to give it a try!
      Choose from three sand colors: Alabaster, Basalt & Granite.

      Michelle Milowe

      Michelle Milowe

      Michelle Milowe is a home decorator and Etsy shop owner inspired by all things vintage. Her collections of found goods are transformed into timeless treasures for your home. Michelle's style is filled with subtle hues and textures to invoke a peaceful environment and showcases the twice-loved treasures she discovers. 

      "Hi, my name is Michelle Milowe. I am a twenty-something, type 4 (for my enneagram enthusiasts out there) homebody that loves all things floral, cheesy, and vintage. My husband and I recently purchased a 1970’s ranch that we are in the process of making our own—which is something like a modern European-inspired country cottage (I think)." 

      "I love seeking out the beauty in the ordinary and the overlooked, and thrift shops, estate sales, and flea markets are just a few of the many places I find it. I select items based on their tones and textures and how they would look with other tones and textures—such as brass candlesticks blanketed in crisp white linen and a drapey ivy plant on stacks of yellowed ivory books. I am a fan of chippy whites and patina metals, stoneware crocks and wooden bowls, moody paintings and pieces of architecture. If these items don’t end up in my shop, I style them in my home, mixing the old with new."

      "Creating a beautiful and meaningful home is my passion, to have a haven to retreat to, a welcoming place to invite others into, and a space that reflects those living there. And to me that is more than just acquiring and arranging “things.” It means collecting the details and moments that make home."


      "One of my favorite quotes is by Laura Ingalls Wilder:

      “The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes,
      and surely it is in the everyday things around us that
      the beauty of life lies.”

      Through my home, my Etsy shop, and the way I live, I hope to impart an appreciation of the moments and the everyday things in which there is so much beauty to be found."


       Interested in her Etsy Store? Visit her website here:

      Or follow her on social media @michellemilowe

      International Women's Day 2020

      International Women's Day 2020


      In celebration of International Women's Day, we are privileged to showcase some of the innovative and creative women that contribute to our success here at Northern Lights. We stand in appreciation of all the women who's careers have formed our rich history and who's daily dedication sheds light on our authentic, handmade roots.  

      Rhonda Kane, Director of Sales, 7 years - Favorite Product: Windward  

      “ I used your feedback to bring this candle to life.”  

      Rhonda represents the voice of NL fans & customers on the product development team. Through relatable conversation and a passion for customer satisfaction, Rhonda boldly sheds light on the needs and desires of our NL family, consisting of many loyal customers and exciting new additions. Therefore, when several requests were made for a must-have coastal candle, Rhonda spoke on behalf of the creation and development of one of our current best-sellers, Windward.

      What’s your favorite part about Windward candles?

      Rhonda loves that when she burns the candle, the flickering flame through the bubble texture of the glass creates satisfying movement.

      Tori Bowers, Art Director, 7 years – Favorite Product: Prana

      “I illustrated and designed this packaging.”

      A Northern Lights product is made complete by the giftable packaging that features original painted, drawn or graphically arranged designs. When developing the Prana candle collection, Tori set out to emulate the organic nature of the vessel and the 100% natural components with hand drawn illustrations of the essential oils. The textural detail brings to life the multilayered qualities of the aromatherapeutic components. Finally, the Prana box was constructed to frame the intimate moments created by the burning of the candle. Tori and her team strive to mimic and communicate the creation of every candle's unique personality through the artful details of the packaging so everyone might be able to fully experience the art of candle making. 

      What’s your favorite part about the Prana candles?

      Tori loves how a Prana candle can make such an impact for its size. The fragrance throw is equally as impressive as the healing moments created by the natural blends and intimate flame.


      Teri Shaughnessey, Director of R&D, 29 years  – Favorite Product: Esque Nouveau

      “I invented wax painting, our exclusive technique.”

      Northern Lights has evolved over the years, but remains true to the handmade candle-making techniques established in the company’s origin. With direction to invent new wax techniques, Teri worked with a wax chemist to develop a special proprietary wax that decorates glassware. With her newly invented wax blend, she began playing with the wax seeking out a design that would resemble a glass marble. The result was our longest continually sold and best-selling line, Esque. Our wax painted lines now expand beyond Esque Mysteria to include Esque Nouveau and our Meditation candles.

      What's your favorite part about the Esque candles?

      Teri just loves the way the colored waxes and gold mix to create beautiful and individual designs, each candle being its own unique work of art.