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    The Art Of — Danielle McGee

    Danielle McGee - Good Look'n

    Danielle McGee - Good Look'n

    DESIGNING MOMENTS IN TIME & CONNECTING with Danielle McGee of Good Look'n

    Hello! My name is Danielle McGee, and I own a small business called Good Look'n. We are a New England based design house with a focus in event planning! Good Look'n was born out of my passion for community and the hopes of bringing good people together to share, to love, and to grow. 

    I collaborate with clients in the design of opportunities, or rather moments in time where life's most intimate connections are free to take shape. As a culture, we thrive when we connect. When we experience true connection, we expose ourselves to compassion, happiness and most importantly, inspiration.

    Crafting Experiences + Designing Opportunities

    As a crafter of experience, I use design and the careful curation of props and decor to transform spaces into the style of event our clients envision. Lighting plays a huge roll in my work. Creating ambience is critical in establishing the overall mood of an event. Candles are a great way to introduce a magical glow of warm light. Nothing is more inviting when you enter a room than the warmth of a candle. There is something so timeless about an elegant taper that I just can't resist, they are by far my favorite tool of the trade!

    When the tables are set, the lights turned down and the candles are lit, I know the room is ready to go. Nothing is more satisfying in my practice than seeing the look on the client's face when they walk into a finished space for the first time, it's everything!

    Interested in planning an event? Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @good.lookn