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    The Art Of

    Tori Radick - Tori Co

    Tori Radick - Tori Co


    Hello! I’m Tori, and I have the privilege of documenting both the biggest and most mundane moments as a photographer at my brand tori co. in central PA as well as wherever the wind blows me. I’m also a human who has a deep love of chocolate for breakfast and quoting the show New Girl way more than your average Joe.
    The name tori co. was created as a result of my love for collaboration, working alongside brilliant minds and souls to create and document moments in time. I work alongside amazing couples, brands, brilliant creatives, and overall downright fun people to create content for my personal brand, clients, and brands I collaborate alongside.
    Building Relationships + Preserving Memories

    Now don’t get me wrong, nothing gets me pumped more than a styled space, perfect golden hour lighting, or traveling to places I used to only dream about with my camera, but I’ve found what truly inspires me is a genuine relationship with my clients, the brands I create for, and the creatives I work alongside capturing genuine moments.

    When I cull through my images, the ones I’m drawn to keep almost feel like you’re there experiencing the moment—the ones where you could almost jump right into the image. My hope in all that I do is to create imagery that makes the viewer feel something, whether it’s an emotional connection or a photograph that truly captures the person and lets them see themselves as beautiful. That’s what I live for. In my opinion, photos only increase in value over time. They’re a brilliant gift when our minds forget, a small capture that sparks a memory, allowing us to relive that moment over and over again.

    Candles are a huge part of my process and incorporate so much into what I do. Whether it’s editing by candle light late at night, most likely singing at the top of my lungs to Ben Rector, creating a cozy vibe with friends out on my back deck, trying to not get eaten alive with my sweet blood, or trying some crazy smoke effects out during a shoot, candles find a way to intrigue my eye and create a vibe I love.


    Interested in her photography? Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @toriradick

    Andy Zalar - Farmer's Creekside Tavern Inn

    Andy Zalar - Farmer's Creekside Tavern Inn

    REPURPOSING & CREATING with Andy Zalar of Farmer's Creekside Inn & Tavern

    Hello! My name is Andy Zalar and I am a baker out of Western New York. A normal day for me involves clouds of flour and dough covered hands as I mix, fold, and proof the daily bread selection. Bread is the blank canvas that I fill with ingredients
    in need of a second life.
    From Candle to Herb Bread

    I use bread as a recycling bin for food that is still edible but left in the void of not having a home.  Leftover herbs, spices, fruit peels, vegetable skins, cheese rinds and even coffee find a second home mixed among the crumb structure of my bread. The results are fun flavor combinations which include Preserved Lemon Peel and Jalapeno, Sea Salt and Cheese Broth Sourdough, Black Bean and Red Beet Pulp, “SeaWheat” (seaweed and wheat), and Charred Pepper Skin Wheat, and some failures that include Pickle Juice Wheat and Celery Juice Sourdough. Reworking these ingredients expands their versatility and gives them added value.



    The concept of the Herban Garden candle mirrors my bread philosophy. Reusing the candle holder as a potted plant gives new value to an otherwise disposable item.  Once planted and grown, the herbs can then be used in an infinite amount of ways. The abundance of herbs that were cultivated from the Herban Garden candle were used in a gremolata for a lamb roast and then reworked in to a citrus and herb sourdough bread (shown).  I started with a candle and ended with bread and barely consumed any wax along the way.


    Follow him on social media @adubsz

    Raelyn Woltz - West End Interiors

    Raelyn Woltz - West End Interiors

    COLOR, TEXTURE & MEANINGFUL DECOR with Raelyn Woltz of West End Interiors

    Hello! My name is Raelyn Woltz and I am the owner and principal designer of West End Interiors in Buffalo NY. My goal is to design, deliver, and execute my clients a beautiful and timeless design.

    Specializing in space planning, unique finishes, and project management, I take pride in delivering Buffalo a much-needed modern take on interior design. I cover a variety of interior design styles, but excel in a west-coast-cool aesthetic. I love fine details in built-ins and cabinets, clean lines, well placed lighting, and especially tile work. 


    Creating Warm + Inviting Spaces

    My travels have constantly inspired me to bring a diverse aesthetic to Buffalo and cater to the modern families who are looking for more than the average homeowner. I excel at taking inspiration from the client and combining that with my expertise to deliver a project that is loved for years.


    The new designs that are offered by Northern Lights fit into the different styles of my clients. I love a simple pillar candle for my more modern designs, the hand-blown glass containers for my transitional designs, and the bee hive candle fits perfectly with my eclectic decor. They bring an additional sense to experience the room and help me create warm and inviting looks.

    Danielle McGee - Good Look'n

    Danielle McGee - Good Look'n

    DESIGNING MOMENTS IN TIME & CONNECTING with Danielle McGee of Good Look'n

    Hello! My name is Danielle McGee, and I own a small business called Good Look'n. We are a New England based design house with a focus in event planning! Good Look'n was born out of my passion for community and the hopes of bringing good people together to share, to love, and to grow. 

    I collaborate with clients in the design of opportunities, or rather moments in time where life's most intimate connections are free to take shape. As a culture, we thrive when we connect. When we experience true connection, we expose ourselves to compassion, happiness and most importantly, inspiration.

    Crafting Experiences + Designing Opportunities

    As a crafter of experience, I use design and the careful curation of props and decor to transform spaces into the style of event our clients envision. Lighting plays a huge roll in my work. Creating ambience is critical in establishing the overall mood of an event. Candles are a great way to introduce a magical glow of warm light. Nothing is more inviting when you enter a room than the warmth of a candle. There is something so timeless about an elegant taper that I just can't resist, they are by far my favorite tool of the trade!

    When the tables are set, the lights turned down and the candles are lit, I know the room is ready to go. Nothing is more satisfying in my practice than seeing the look on the client's face when they walk into a finished space for the first time, it's everything!

    Interested in planning an event? Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @good.lookn

    Kaila Jackson - Blue Green Patina

    Kaila Jackson - Blue Green Patina

    SHIMMERING FLOWERS & RESTORATIVE MOMENTS with Kaila Jackson of Blue Green Patina

    My name is Kaila Jackson. I'm a watercolor artist living on a little piece of countryside in the state of Ohio. My mission is to bring beauty to the world wherever I can.

    Flowers are an obsession of mine - the beauty, the whimsy, the happiness they bring to a human, a home, or a life. I buy them, I grow them, I paint them. Usually in shades of pink.

    Quiet + Creative Spaces

    Before I paint, I set my space. I want a quiet room, a glass of wine or a cup of tea, fresh flowers on my table, and always, a candle. The day of the week doesn't matter. Snow flurries, a thunderstorm, or blue-skies - my requirements are the same.

    Within that space I can always decompress. I dip my paintbrush and allow the twisted floral vines of my mind to unravel into swirls and brushstrokes that become shimmering flowers, spilling out of a basket or a vase. Painting is, for me, restorative. I find a sense of calm in my routine and look forward to that daily quiet, my paints, the drink, the flowers, and the candle.

    Interested in her paintings? Visit her Etsy here:
    Or follow her on social media @bluegreenpatina.watercolorart