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    The Art Of — New

    Meet the Pets Behind PawsON

    Meet the Pets Behind PawsON

    Happy National Pet Day!

    PawsON candles are made using odor neutralizing technology that traps common pet smells and replaces them with aromatherapeutic fur-eshness. Available in four unique fragrances that are made with essential oils.

    Introducing the pets who inspired us:



    Loved by Tori - Director of Product Development

    Grady is a rambunctious 2-year-old Australian shepherd. His hobbies include playing fetch, bounding through fluffy snow, hiking, and playing hockey in the driveway. Grady is a chewer; his favorite toy is a destroyed toy. When it comes to snacks, Grady is a pro at toddler clean up!


    Wolverine (Bean Burrito)

    Loved by Chelsie - 2D Design Coordinator

    Wolverine is a 6-year-old mischievous tuxedo cat. His hobbies include jumping to the highest point in the room, wrestling with his brother, and following his humans around the house. He loves playing fetch with hair ties and beating up his raccoon kicker toy. Wolverine tries to steal most human foods but settles for cat treats. 


    Dusty (Captain Dusty)

    Loved by Katrina - Packaging Graphic Designer

    Dusty is a spunky 4-year-old Netherland dwarf rabbit. His favorite toy is toilet paper rolls, which he loves to pick up and thrash around. Dusty loves snacking on bananas and being chased around the living room. If you scratch Dusty on his cheeks, he lifts up his foot!


    Tucker (Doodie)

    Loved by Alicia - Director of Sales

    Tucker is a loyal 10-year-old golden retriever. He enjoys hanging out in the yard on a summer day. Tucker loves to show off his toys to anyone around. His favorite toy is a bear named Bluey. Tucker loves holding his own leash and taking himself for walks!


    Dahlia (Diddles)

    Loved by Susan - Marketing Graphic Designer

    Dahlia is a snuggly 13-year-old tabby cat. Her favorite toys are pom poms and pipe cleaners, which she loves to throw around and bury underneath pillows in the middle of the night. Dahlia once took care of a peacock egg and befriended him when he hatched!


    Ollie (Ollard McDogBoi)

    Loved by MacKenna - Packaging Graphic Designer

    Ollie is an affectionate 3-year-old boxer dog. His hobbies include being outside, playing with his frisbee, and finding a good stick. His favorite food is anything chicken. Ollie happens to be a bionic boy. He has a pacemaker!



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    Megan Martinez - Meg Ya Look!

    Megan Martinez - Meg Ya Look!

    Megan Martinez is an independent graphic designer based out of Austin, Texas. She specializes in branding, puns & most importantly smiling faces for small businesses. People know her best for living colorfully and her hand-drawn aesthetic. You can find her at a local market selling art prints and lapel pins for fun on the weekends!

    "I always start by figuring out which Spotify playlist/podcast I'm going to listen to and that gets me going. A lot of the times, I even light a candle or two. Depending on what I'm working on, I jump straight into Illustrator. I know what you're thinking! I didn't say anything about sketching. I'm not a big sketcher and I never have been. I love Illustrator because I always start with one idea, and end up with something totally different. You can manipulate designs more efficiently this way! Other times, I watercolor and scan in my artwork to touch up and add any last details in Illustrator."

    She is inspired by vibrant colors, natural finds & happy dogs! She is an empath and all of those things make her feel deeply, which she then translates in her work.


    Interested in Megan's designs & artwork? Visit her website here:

    Or follow her on social media @megyalook

    Kaila Jackson - Blue Green Patina

    Kaila Jackson - Blue Green Patina

    Kaila Jackson is a flower gardener and floral artist working out of a stunning barn attic studio in Northeast Ohio. She grows and stylizes flowers to use as inspiration for her paintings. Mixing shimmering, natural pigments with delicate flourishes to create beautiful arrangements on handmade paper.

    "I find so much inspiration in light. When I wake to the silhouette of trees against a bright pink sky or watch long shadows dance on the wall of my studio in the late afternoon, I can feel the inspiration bubbling inside me. Like a peaceful kind of excitement, my ideas are sharp and vibrant, energy flows, and it all comes from golden light." 

    "Sometimes, like today, I walk to my studio on a gray, rainy day, climb a ladder to my attic space, and look out the window that oversees a corner of my garden. I think about newly sown flower seeds & small plants being watered by the rain. I light a candle, watch the flame flicker, enjoy the fresh scent, and in the stillness, I relax and begin to feel inspired." 


    "I paint with shimmering watercolors, made from mica powder mixed with color pigments. The paints grab any available light and reflect colors, so my vision travels around my painting as I work, until I feel dizzy with bliss. I add the final finishing details, and step back to watch the colors change as I move around the piece. There is fulfillment and satisfaction I only find here. An addiction, definitely, that keeps me coming back for more. And it all starts so simply: with light."


    Interested in Kaila's floral artwork? Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @bluegreenpatina

    Tori Radick - Tori Co

    Tori Radick - Tori Co


    Hello! I’m Tori, and I have the privilege of documenting both the biggest and most mundane moments as a photographer at my brand tori co. in central PA as well as wherever the wind blows me. I’m also a human who has a deep love of chocolate for breakfast and quoting the show New Girl way more than your average Joe.
    The name tori co. was created as a result of my love for collaboration, working alongside brilliant minds and souls to create and document moments in time. I work alongside amazing couples, brands, brilliant creatives, and overall downright fun people to create content for my personal brand, clients, and brands I collaborate alongside.
    Building Relationships + Preserving Memories

    Now don’t get me wrong, nothing gets me pumped more than a styled space, perfect golden hour lighting, or traveling to places I used to only dream about with my camera, but I’ve found what truly inspires me is a genuine relationship with my clients, the brands I create for, and the creatives I work alongside capturing genuine moments.

    When I cull through my images, the ones I’m drawn to keep almost feel like you’re there experiencing the moment—the ones where you could almost jump right into the image. My hope in all that I do is to create imagery that makes the viewer feel something, whether it’s an emotional connection or a photograph that truly captures the person and lets them see themselves as beautiful. That’s what I live for. In my opinion, photos only increase in value over time. They’re a brilliant gift when our minds forget, a small capture that sparks a memory, allowing us to relive that moment over and over again.

    Candles are a huge part of my process and incorporate so much into what I do. Whether it’s editing by candle light late at night, most likely singing at the top of my lungs to Ben Rector, creating a cozy vibe with friends out on my back deck, trying to not get eaten alive with my sweet blood, or trying some crazy smoke effects out during a shoot, candles find a way to intrigue my eye and create a vibe I love.


    Interested in her photography? Visit her website here:
    Or follow her on social media @toriradick

    Andy Zalar - Farmer's Creekside Tavern Inn

    Andy Zalar - Farmer's Creekside Tavern Inn

    REPURPOSING & CREATING with Andy Zalar of Farmer's Creekside Inn & Tavern

    Hello! My name is Andy Zalar and I am a baker out of Western New York. A normal day for me involves clouds of flour and dough covered hands as I mix, fold, and proof the daily bread selection. Bread is the blank canvas that I fill with ingredients
    in need of a second life.
    From Candle to Herb Bread

    I use bread as a recycling bin for food that is still edible but left in the void of not having a home.  Leftover herbs, spices, fruit peels, vegetable skins, cheese rinds and even coffee find a second home mixed among the crumb structure of my bread. The results are fun flavor combinations which include Preserved Lemon Peel and Jalapeno, Sea Salt and Cheese Broth Sourdough, Black Bean and Red Beet Pulp, “SeaWheat” (seaweed and wheat), and Charred Pepper Skin Wheat, and some failures that include Pickle Juice Wheat and Celery Juice Sourdough. Reworking these ingredients expands their versatility and gives them added value.



    The concept of the Herban Garden candle mirrors my bread philosophy. Reusing the candle holder as a potted plant gives new value to an otherwise disposable item.  Once planted and grown, the herbs can then be used in an infinite amount of ways. The abundance of herbs that were cultivated from the Herban Garden candle were used in a gremolata for a lamb roast and then reworked in to a citrus and herb sourdough bread (shown).  I started with a candle and ended with bread and barely consumed any wax along the way.


    Follow him on social media @adubsz