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    Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc., a Zippo Company, and leading designer of luxury candles and artisan made accessories, is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time salaried opportunity as a Supply Chain Cost Analyst – responsible for conducting and overseeing analysis activities, directing, and assisting with estimates of initial and ongoing costs of products and projects, and tracking cost changes throughout the entire product lifecycle.  Additionally, the Supply Chain Cost Analyst is responsible for coordinating, organizing, and overseeing all activities involved in the identification, acquisition, production, and distribution of the Company’s goods. Other duties include but are not limited to:

    Cost Analyst

    • Conduct and/or review cost analysis by assessing material, labor, and overhead costs incurred in the production or assembly of parts, sub-assemblies, and finished products
    • Ensure operating costs do not exceed proposed budget
    • Evaluate cost effectiveness of products and projects
    • Coordinate with sales team to prepare estimates and bids for clients. Coordinate with art department to insert bid into presentation
    • Assess project cost effectiveness and profitability
    • Develop and maintain records and documentation of production costs, performance against established standards, and other related metrics
    • Perform other related duties as assigned

    Supply Chain

    • Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders to identify and maintain resources needed to establish and provide an effective supply chain
    • Establish performance metrics for measurement, comparison, or evaluation of factors affecting the supply chain
    • Develop with Planning, detailed inventories of materials and supplies located in the Company, at sites, and in the factory
    • Oversee Planning to maintain required quantity of supplies and materials to optimize production
    • Analyze current inventories and procedures; suggest improvements to increase efficiency of supply chain and profitability for the Company
    • Develop policies to increase efficiency throughout the supply chain while ensuring quality and safety; implement subsequent changes to processes
    • Identify optimal shipment and transportation routes with attention to consolidation of warehousing and distribution
    • Work with purchasing to negotiate prices for raw material and delivery with suppliers, vendors, and/or shipping companies
    • Participate as an advisory member of the product development team, providing information and guidance on availability and cost of supplies and materials
    • Act as part of the team coordinating engineering changes, product line extension, or new product launches to ensure timely and orderly material and production flow transitions
    • Monitor the performance of suppliers, assessing their ability to meet quality and delivery requirements; identify and qualify new suppliers in collaboration with other departments
    • Perform other related duties as assigned


    Education & Additional Eligibility Requirements:


    • Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field
    • 3 to 5 years of relevant Operations/Supply Chain, Finance, or Program Management experience
    • Experience building cost models, analyzing cost trends, and assessing opportunities and risk for new or early-stage product development
    • Capability of translating analysis results into business recommendations
    • Superlative managerial and financial skills along with the ability to take leadership over any business operations area
    • Thorough understanding of management and financial practices in all areas and phases of business operations
    • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite


    *If interested, please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to