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    Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc., a Zippo Company, and leading designer of luxury candles and artisan made accessories, is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time hourly opportunity as a Sourcing & Quoting Assistant – responsible for assisting in the creative development, operational and administrative functions as assigned by the 3D Coordinator.


    Duties & Responsibilities:


    · Research and evaluate manufacturers, vendors, materials, and ethical standards

    · Obtaining quotes from different suppliers

    · Organizing pricing, quantity, material dims in project databases

    · Assessing quotes comparisons and compiling a detailed assessment of cost breakdowns

    · Providing solutions to improve company spending and reliable vendor network

    · Maintains knowledge of current global tariff regulations and researches areas of opportunity in supply chain processes



    · Create, update and manage costing sheets based on project requirements

    · Create RFQs (Request for Quotations) based on 3D Coordinator project assignments

    · Pull past project info readily for applying to new projects

    · Correspond with vendors regarding projects, samples and quality information

    · Routine communication with Art Dept and R&D

    · Unpack samples, date, and organize samples

    · Maintain sample database


    Project Management:

    · Manage the details of each project assigned by 3D Coordinator using project management software

    · Organize project information by customer/vendor

    · Communicate vendor updates with internal departments as needed

    · Push forward assigned tasks/projects



    · Office experience required

    · Excellent computer skills using email, OneDrive, Google sheets, basic Excel, Word, PowerPoint, project management software

    · Excellent research skills via internet and phone calls

    · Use of Teams/FaceTime/other media communications programs required

    · Intermediate Photography skills

    · Basic understanding of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metals, paper

    · Must be detail oriented and highly organized

    · Negotiation background preferred

    · Sourcing background preferred

    · Must be flexible to switch tasks quickly, change requirements, or rush tasks if needed

    · Must be a tenacious question asker who does not wait for information

    · Professional, career oriented and self-motivated Ability to work independently within rigid time constraints within a team environment

    · Must be a creative problem solver within a group offering on the spot insight and solutions if needed

    · Excellent verbal and written communication skills especially with people of different cultures, religions and levels of English speaking


    *If interested, please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to