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    Department: Product Development
    Status: Hourly
    Hours: 40
    Supervisor: Head of Product Development
    Start Date: Immediately



    Assist in the development, operational and administrative functions relating to the product development process.


    - Office experience required.
    - Excellent computer skills using email, google drive sheets, basic Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
    - Photoshop and Illustrator skills required.
    - Excellent research skills via internet and phone calls.
    - Must have high color sensitivity.
    - Use of Skype or FaceTime required.
    - Intermediate Photography skills.
    - 3D printing knowledge would be helpful.
    - Must be creative, detail oriented and highly organized.
    - Must be flexible to switch tasks quickly, change requirements, or rush tasks if needed.
    - Must be a tenacious question asker who does not wait for information.
    - Professional, career oriented and self-motivated Ability to work independently within rigid time constraints within a team environment.
    - Must be a creative problem solver within a group offering on the spot insight and solutions if needed Excellent verbal and written communication skills especially with people of different cultures, religions and levels of English speaking.
    - Basic understanding of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metals, paper.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    - Provide assistance to the Product Development team.
    - Assist in the design and development of candle products.
    - Understanding and continually researching the home décor and candle market trends.
    - Diagram vessels.
    - Redesigning and resourcing existing product.
    - Surface or pattern decoration development.
    - Pantone selection.
    - Designing within project limitations i.e. price, size, wax content, season, trend, etc.
    - Other duties as assigned.


    - Research and evaluate manufacturers, vendors and materials.
    - Create quotation sheets based on project requirements.
    - Correspond with vendors regarding projects, samples and quality information.
    - Communicate vendor updates.
    - Organize project information by customer/vendor.
    - Maintain database/files of quality spec information and quotes with vendors.
    - Assist in the development of spec sheets for QC.
    - Review and communicate all sample quality.
    - Follow sample progression throughout the process up to sending to a customer.
    - Digital Product photography for product development, sample and QC purposes.
    - Organize and maintain photo files for reference and retrieval as requested.
    - Edit photos if needed in Photoshop.
    - Routine communication with Art Dept and R&D.
    - Follow up with Testing Dept. on testing potential/current products.
    - Follow up with QC dept on results of inspection process.
    - Other duties as assigned.