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    Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc. a ZIPPO Company, is currently seeking qualified applicants for a full-time employment opportunity as an Operations facilitator (1st & 2nd shift availability)- responsible for providing manufacturing, equipment, and departmental support / services in facilitating various production activities / requirements to achieve departmental objectives.


    Primary Duties Include:

    • Working knowledge of departmental activities, equipment, operations, processes, policies and procedures, and the ability to relate to and work with employees in a group environment.
    • Monitor, check, sort, coordinate, status, expedite and or follow route cards for production counts, processing issues, and processing sequence relating to the various departmental operations and the subsequent transfer for further processing.
    • Make required business system entries / transactions for department activities and business system requirements.
    • Provide and monitor supplies, materials, components for various manufacturing equipment, operations, and processes supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing.
    • Obtain / move goods and or materials interdepartmentally, or to and from other departments using various material handling equipment / tow motors.
    • Assist in-or assign work to employees under the direction / knowledge of supervisory personnel.
    • Perform set-ups, adjustments, minor maintenance and or coordinate / initiate maintenance assistance and maintenance work orders under the direction / knowledge of the supervisory personnel.
    • Monitor / orchestrate the orientation and training of departmental personnel in functions to be performed and departmental procedures under the direction / knowledge of supervisory personnel.
    • Perform weekly cycle counts, monthly and yearly inventory counts.
    • Fill in for various production personnel, during emergency phone calls, meetings, etc. on various department activities / equipment.
    • Utilize, complete, initiate, and distribute various forms, reports and paperwork as directed, with the knowledge of supervisory personnel.
    • As directed, perform manufacturing functions to process sample orders, and or small orders.
    • Take messages and or telephone messages in the absence of the technical staff / department supervisor.
    • Keep machines, equipment, and work area clean and orderly for operational and work force safety benefits.
    • Keep any production and or quality records.
    • Employee is responsible for operational productivity, continuous improvement / suggestions and involvement.
    • Employee is responsible for product, function, quality, and job safety. This requires the employee to maintain a full working knowledge of the performance, quality and safety requirements of the function being performed.
    • The employee is to support job related operational training needs regarding existing and or new manufacturing practices / processes / technologies.
    • Perform any other duties related in nature that may be assigned by the supervisor.

    The Successful Candidate should have:

    • Associates Degree in relevant field
    • 3-5 years of experience in a production environment
    • Any similar combination of education and experience
    • Demonstrated Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
    • Knowledge of Microsoft® D365 operating system preferred


    *If interested, please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to