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    Department: Purchasing, Logistics, & Quality Assurance
    Hours: 40
    Supervisor: Purchasing, Logistics, & Quality Coordinators
    Start Date: Immediately



    Assists in the operational and administrative functions as assigned by Purchasing & Logistics and QC & Testing Coordinators.


    - Office experience required
    - Experience in manufacturing and quality assurance
    - Must be detail-oriented and highly organized
    - Professional, career-oriented and self-motivated
    - Ability to work independently within rigid time constraints within a team environment
    - Excellent verbal communication and written documentation skills
    - Must be able to communicate with diverse populations, including foreign entities
    - Must have basic cost negotiation skills
    - Excellent computer skills using email, Word, and spreadsheets in Excel.
    - Must be able to generate and maintain project, shipping and sample timelines
    - Must have the ability to shift from task to task at a fast pace
    - Basic photography skills and ability to learn Photoshop, Paint, etc.
    - Must be able to problem solve within a group offering on the spot insight and solutions if needed

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    Purchasing: Reports to Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

    - Provides assistance to the Import and Domestic Buyer with daily tasks.
    - Coordinate all samples
    - Product photography
    - Pulling samples or referencing photos for R&D to fill for customers
    - Handling all Import product carton markings, master carton bar codes, inner bar codes, all collateral materials, product UPC labels, etc. Test all UPC bar codes for accuracy and functionality
    - Issuance of all Domestic/Import Purchase Orders
    - Sourcing raw materials


    Logistics: Reports to Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

    - Provides assistance to the Logistics Coordinator with daily tasks
    - Inbound freight communications with freight forwarders and customs brokers as needed
    - Monitor status of all inbound shipments en route, work closely w/ forwarders & NLC warehouse to schedule container deliveries
    - Book freight with forwarders to move freight from overseas to arrive in a timely manner, at the best cost
    - Maintain product tariff code spreadsheet and provide to brokers and forwarders as requested. Update current database to include all domestic tariff code information


    Quality Control: Reports to QC & Testing Coordinator

    - Organize, maintain, and log all in-coming samples, specifications, and storage location
    - Quality testing and data collection of all candles and raw materials as directed within a controlled environment.
    - Setting up and testing potential/current products, data collection, and reporting.
    - Must assist in Consumer/Supplier quality inspections as needed
    - Must send vendor inspection reports at mid and post production to vendor
    - Other duties as assigned